A Car Lover's Guide To Winter

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

The winter months are fast approaching; cold mornings, snow and rain make up a bleak few months to come. Here is a guide to preparing and protecting your beloved vehicle for the harsh months to come…

Understand the condition of your vehicle. Taking a quick look around the vehicle will allow you to understand how in-depth the next cleaning stages need to be.

Step One (PRE-WASH ONE):

Since your car has probably seen it's fair share of driving over the summer months it is likely to be covered in a a variety of dirt and debris; some harmless and some more potentially damaging. Before contact washing, it is best practice to break down as much built up dirt to ensure grit, bugs or debris isn't ground into the paintwork as you wash.

Using Mint Classic APC (All Purpose Cleaner) spray directly onto the dirtiest areas; commonly, the front bumper, mirrors, lower parts of each side and rear bumper! Allow this to dwell for a couple of minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Step Two (PRE-WASH TWO):

Using Mint APC to break down the heavier dirt means that you can apply Mint Classic Snow Foam to the entire vehicle to soften the lighter dirt and remove any dirt that was overlooked. Allow Mint Snow Foam to dwell for around 5 minutes before rinsing off!

Step Three (WHEELS):

Whilst Mint Snow Foam is dwelling on the vehicle, this gives you the perfect amount of time to give the wheels some attention. Often being one of the dirtiest parts of any car, liberally coat these in Mint Classic Specialist Wheel Cleaner and allow to dwell for 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. With the majority of brake dust build up removed you can spend the time cleaning with a Wheel Wash Mitt and an array of Detailing Brushes with Specialist Wheel Cleaner to leave squeeky clean wheels!

Step Four (WASH):

Great Stuff! You have removed the majority of the dirt from the paintwork and softened whatever may remain. Now we can get on with the contact wash stage, using a plush microfibre wash mitt soaked in our pH Neutral Classic Car Shampoo you can safely wash the vehicle knowing that you have just the right amount of lubrication and encapsulating agents to thoroughly clean you car!

Recommendation: Before you grab the wash mitt, apply a lighter coating of Mint Snow Foam to not only add lubricating and cleaner power but also help break down even more dirt whilst you wash!

Step Five (DRY):

Once you've rinsed the car thoroughly its time to grab our Plush Microfibre Drying Towel or our Hybrid Micro-Chamois and dry the vehicle!

TOP TIP: Looking to save time? Grab Fast Gloss Detailer and use as a lubricating drying agent coupled with a drying towel to dry quicker, glossier and add some protection!


If you didn't take our top tip above, then now is the perfect time to add some gloss and protection to that perfectly clean car! Grab Mint Classic Fast Gloss and apply either directly to the panel or a cloth and buff until a deep glossy finish is achieved.

TOP TIP: Use a second dry microfibre cloth to remove excess product on some solid colours to achieve the optimum finish.


Don't let the paintwork take all of the protective glory... your plastics and rubbers need it too. Using our Mint Classic Trim Dressing you can add a rich gloss or subtle factory finish affect to the tyres, plastics, rubbers and arches which also moisturises and protects against harsh cold spells.

TOP TIP: Allow to dwell for 1 minute before buffing if you require a satin finish, allow to dwell for up to 10 minutes and buff lightly if you require a glossy finish.

Step Eight (GLASS):

No clean is finished until the glass is crystal clear, grab Mint Classic Sharp Glass and remove those annoying finger prints or smeary patches easily! It's harder for ice to stick to squeeky clean glass!

TOP TIP: Spray some Sharp Glass onto a cloth and clean the wiper blades by pinching the blade with the cloth and running it all the way along, this will help improve water dispersing efficiency!

Step Nine (INTERIOR):

Exterior... check! Now spend some time cleaning the interior... after you have thoroughly vacuumed it's as simple as wiping down the leather, fabrics and trims with Mint APC.

Recommendation: Agitate more stubborn stains or ground in dirt with a soft to medium bristle brush.

Step Ten:

Stand back... admire your work! Or even take it for a quick drive and enjoy your hard work even more! Your car is ready for the winter ahead... TOP JOB!

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