Born, much like an iconic classic; from an infinite desire to create the finest product whilst challenging the status quo, Mint Classic is in pursuit of the perfect car care range for classic & vintage vehicles.

Today, Classic vehicles are an essential insight into the past; showcasing the pinnacle of engineering & true craftsmanship from the time of manufacture.

Our vision is to seamlessly infuse the effective elements of modern car care into an authentic range of products; with a focus on enhancing & preserving classic vehicles to ensure their longevity & enjoyment for generations to come.


Every iconic classic was born from a desire to create something that has never been seen before, challenging the technological & engineering capabilities of it's time.

Modern car care has since moved on from such craftsmanship, focusing on efficiency & results. Designed purely for today's vehicles, with little consideration for the delicate vehicles of their past.

Our product range aims to challenge today's standard of car care by focusing not only on exceptional ease of use but also on formulating with gentle ingredients (non-acidic, pH neutral formulas & low salt content), ensuring your classic looks it's best today & for years to come.

We know that preserving classic features such as chrome, single-stage/ cellulose paintwork and leather is of utmost importance to the future of all classics which is why #enhance&preserve is at the heart of everything we do! 


We may be small but we have big visions & engaging with our customers is at the heart of company. Throughout 2021 we will be attending a wide variety of classic & vintage shows throughout the country; giving you the perfect opportunity to 'pick our brains' regarding the Mint Classic range & get hands on with our products! 

For now... you can keep up to date with us on Facebook, Instagram & our blogs or via our newsletter (subscribe below). Also, our Youtube Channel will begin to become a wealth of car care & detailing tips & tricks to help you achieve the perfect finish.